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News Manager is a content management system scalable to suit any size website.  With it's extensible and forward-facing content delivery solution, News Manager provides a secure, fail-safe and user-friendly interface empowering anyone you choose to manage and add to the content of your website.

» Main Features
» Publish Articles
» Search Engine
» Category Management
» User Administration
» Server Requirements

Main Features

  • Create, edit, and maintain news articles easily from a web-based WYSIWYG administration area
  • Enables trusted users to maintain content on your website, with no technical knowledge required.
  • The administration/publishing interface is web browser-based, so it can be accessed and updated from any computer, anywhere.
  • Template-based output means you can completely customize the look and functionality of your published content output
  • MySQL-powered backend, with an automated, dynamic, and search-engine friendly publishing output system for optimized system performance and management.
  • Easy to follow installation routine with complete step-by-step instructions.


Publish Articles

  • Let writers be writers: publish articles without needing any HTML/technical knowledge.
  • The system auto-dates new articles, or you can manually pre/post set the date.
  • Articles can be saved as:
    • Visible: published to the website immediately when saved.
    • Pending: saved to the database, but not published until an editor approves it.  Pending articles are listed separately so they can be 'authorised'.
    • Hidden: disable an article so it's not visible to the public (use this when you want to pull an article to revise it).
  • Uses a popular WYSIWYG editor to create articles with word processor-like formatting.
    • Change the font type, colour and size, bold, italics or underline.
    • Justify text right, left or centre, and indent paragraphs
    • Create bulleted or numbered lists.
    • Insert horizontal lines, hyperlinks, and images
  • Preview the article before publishing it to the website.
  • Upload images and use within your articles.


Search Engine

  • Quickly search any content published by News Manager.
  • Search for articles in all categories or only specific categories.

Category Management

  • Create multiple categories for your articles, each with it's own headlines and index pages.
  • Customize the number of articles and headlines displayed for each category.
  • Each category can use it's own template set, or the site global template.


User Administration

  • Create unlimited custom user groups, giving different sets of permissions to different levels of writers
  • Default user groups include:
    • Writer:  Can create and edit own articles
    • Editor:  Can create and edit all articles
    • Sub-Admin:  Can create new categories and users
    • Admin:  Complete system control
  • User biographies section allows writers to include information about them, which can be displayed on their articles

Server Requirements

Our software is designed to work with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.  No special requirements are needed, and our software will work with all standard installations.  If you have any problems setting up our software on your web-server, we will gladly install the software for you the first time for free. If you're not sure whether your web server meets the listed requirements, contact us for assistance.

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