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News Manager:  Empowing your website

Every webmaster needs to manage content of some form or other, and finding the right content management system has become a mindfield, as hundreds of packages are made available each offering to do virtually the same thing.

When choosing a content management system, it is important to take into account not just what your requirements are now, but what they may be several years down the track. Scalability is very important if you want to maintain not only the look and feel of your site, but also ensure that your site authors wont have to keep learning new software packages.

News Manager is a content management system targeted for news-orientated websites. Allowing for multiple author accounts (with varying access rights) and categories, it can easily handle the demands of a website of varying size and needs.

Key Features:

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» Complete news management
» No technical skills needed to add news
» Fast MySQL database backbone
» Search-engine friendly output
» Dynamic content, static files
» 100% template driven
» Comprehensive user management
» Popular WYSIWYG integrated editor

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